Corporate Gentleman's Cruise - Sydney Harbour Party Boat

If you are looking for a great corporate gentleman's lingerie cruise on Sydney harbour, there are many cruises that you can choose to book. Naturally, you want something classy and memorable that will help your business partners and allies appreciate the good life. There are many different cruise services available in the city of Sydney, but not all of them would necessarily be appropriate for this kind of event. You must be sure that you are getting something with the right atmosphere and flair for a business event without being stodgy or going too far in the other direction.

What are your options? Well, you can compare different lingerie lunches or corporate gentleman's cruise on Sydney harbour to see the kinds of amenities that they offer. It is a good idea to select a cruise service that will provide food and drink during your journey, including a full selection of spirits and other alcohol. Remember, not everyone drinks beer, so you will want to have more “sophisticated” options available. Some ships may be able to provide you with wine, spirits, and even sparkling water and juices. Make sure that you know whether the bar is open or if it is a cash bar that your guests will have to handle themselves.

Corporate Gentleman’s Cruise


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Sydney Cruises has some of the most marvelous architecture in the world, so you might want to consider a corporate gentleman’s cruise on Sydney harbour. During a cruise, the entire city is lit up and you will usually be able to enjoy a much better view than you would get during the day. However, a day cruise might be a good option if there is business to conduct later on in the day. You can try to finish up in the afternoon if you are going to adjourn to take care of a meeting or some other business occasion that you have scheduled with Sydney as a backdrop.

Also bear in mind that after corporate gentleman’s cruises on Sydney harbour, Sydney has some of the most wonderful bars that you can imagine. These pubs are often very glad to cater to your needs as a business guest. You may be able to get “VIP” service that will include faster service of your food and drink, among other little perks. It is possible that your cruise service will help you make these arrangements, so be sure that you have specified your needs in advance. Many cruise services have pre-existing relationships with some of the most popular pubs in the area.