How to Plan the Best Bucks Party

So you’re best mate is getting married soon, and he has asked you to be the best man at his wedding. As best man, it is your job to plan the buck’s party.

The buck’s party is meant to be THE big party for your mate before he ties the knot.  Depending on the crowd of friends that are invited, the tone of the buck’s party can swing dramatically from strippers to a cooking class. Whatever the tone of the event, it is really important to strike the right balance between fun and risqué for all involved. Get it right, and everyone will rave about it endlessly.  Get it wrong, and live with the regret afterwards. Don’t panic – make sure that everyone, especially your best mate, has a night they won’t easily forget by checking out our easy guide below:

Set the date: This sounds extremely obvious, but sit down with the groom as early as possible to lock in a few dates before the wedding that could work for the buck’s night. It is a really good idea to leave at least a couple of weeks between the wedding and the bucks if possible.

Being prepared and organised gives you more options and access to the best venues, entertainment and transport on the date you actually want. Leaving it to the last minute may mean paying more too, so save yourself the stress and the money and lock in the date for the bucks as early as you can.

Involve the other groomsmen in planning the event: Save yourself the stress and get the other boys involved. If there are other groomsmen, they are the obvious choice to help you out, but if there aren’t any other groomsmen choose a couple of other close friends to give you a hand. Having a group of people makes the night much easier to organise and having different personalities gives you a better idea of what kind of party might suit the overall group invited. Delegating responsibility where you can also takes the weight off your shoulders and fosters a sense of comradery between the boys.


Get the invites organised early: Send out electronic invites or at least a save the date via email or get an event set up on social media as early as possible so everyone can lock in the date. This also makes payment for activities on the night easy to organise as you can send details via the email chain or event page.

 Think outside the box for party ideas: Consider doing something a bit different from the traditional pub/drinking/strippers for the buck’s night. A buck’s night cruise on Sydney harbour is a fun and memorable way to send your mate off into married bliss in style. By having the buck’s party on a boat you combine an awesome setting with the safety of having no party crashers, just your best mates to celebrate with.