Booze and Boob Cruise on Sydney Harbour

If you're in the market for a Buck's night to remember, a booze and boob cruise on Sydney harbour is exactly what you need! As one of the most famous harbours in the world, Sydney cruises are full of sights to see and enjoyable cruising for your last real night on the town. This is a special occasion and you've got to make sure that you choose a special event. Strip clubs and bars might sound like a good time, but the man of the hour would love a party boat excursion where everyone can party all night long without a care in the world.

We've got all the options for a booze and boob cruise on Sydney harbour fans are sure to love. You can choose from day cruises, night cruises, gentleman's cruises, stripper cruises, and so much more. If you're looking to create the perfect boys' night out and you want to send your groom off with a party that he'll never forget, this is exactly what you need. You can customise your special event to be exactly what you want and give everyone a chance to enjoy a much more memorable occasion than a typical pub crawl or gentleman's club outing.

Booze and Boob Cruise


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Looking for an exclusive cruise or even a poker cruise? There’s something for everyone to enjoy when you’re considering planning a booze and boob cruise on Sydney harbour. Imagine heading out on the harbour and having hours to yourself in a party boat where you can enjoy all kinds of drinking, dancing, and other activities. It’s definitely going to make for a better party and you can book your cruise now for a lot less than you expect. Check out our specials and deals to see what kind of Buck’s night fun you can have on the water without spending a fortune, too.

Let’s face it. You’re the best man and it’s up to you to throw the party of the year. You can work hard and try to create a perfect event, or you can hire a party boat and let us do the hard work for you. We can make sure that everyone has a great time on the booze and boob cruise on Sydney harbour, make sure that your groom is forever indebted to you for the awesome party you gave him before his wedding. Booze cruises are a great way to enjoy some time with the boys and with so many types of trips to choose from, your perfect stag party is just a phone call away!