Lingerie Lunch On Sydney Harbour

So, what exactly is a lingerie lunch on Sydney harbour? You can enjoy this kind of event by booking passage on one of the area’s famous party boats. You and your whole group of friends will be invited to enjoy a lunch served by some of the city’s hottest lingerie models. Typically, the party boat will include pub fare, but there are some upscale boats that will have more sumptuous offerings for you to choose from. For example, these can include things like lamb cutlets, sausages, and onions. Salads and bread rolls may also be available for you to enjoy.

One of the most unique ways to spend a few hours in the Sydney area is with a lingerie lunch on Sydney harbour. You might not have heard of this if you are not from the Sydney region, but it arises from the county’s great tradition of Bucks nights. In the Australia, these are known as stag parties or bachelor parties, and are generally undertaken when one member of a group is just about to get married. These parties tend to be even more wild and exciting than the best in the Sydney, hence the idea of the lingerie cruise.

Lingerie Lunch Sydney Harbour

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The rules of decorum in Australia are a little bit more relaxed, but you should still know what to expect when you book something like a lingerie lunch on Sydney harbour cruises. Just as when attending a club in the States, you should not pester the girls. Typically, you will get to enjoy a show for the entire group as well as private shows with individual waitresses that may cost extra. These will be raunchy, but understand that the ladies are professionals and that there are lines not to be crossed. Just sit back and enjoy and you will have a very memorable time!

If you really enjoy your lingerie lunch booze cruise on Sydney harbour experience, you will probably be able to find other cruise options around Sydney that you might like. Sydney night cruises can give you the chance to pub crawl by seeing some of the area’s hottest night spots. Likewise, don’t forget that the whole city of Sydney truly lights up during holidays. Ringing in the New Year in Sydney is a unique experience that is not to be missed. Of course, it all begins with your first time at a lingerie lunch cruise. Enjoy yourself and have fun!